Association of Lease and Title Analysts, Inc.

 Office of President  Roslyn Allen, PhD, CPLTA
 Office of 1st Vice President Bobbie Gustus, CPLTA
 Office of 2nd Vice President Robyn Arnold, CPLTA
 Office of Recording Secretary OPEN
 Office of Corresponding Secretary Jessica Douglas
 Office of Treasury Katie Hess, CPLTA
 Director of Education Sheila Williams, CPLTA
 Director of Employment & Technology OPEN
 Director of Ethics & By-Laws Kathy Morris-White
 Director of Membership Kim Brooks
 Director of Social Ways & Means Lori Gaskill
 NALTA Liaison Joey King, CPLTA
 CPLTA Liaison Kerry Hereden, CPLTA
 Committee Chair (Technical Assistance) Lauri Kegans

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  • Roslyn Allen, PhD, CPLTA - President
  • Bobbie Gustus, CPLTA - 1st Vice President
  • Robyn Arnold, CPLTA - 2nd Vice President
  • Jessica Douglas - Corresponding Secretary
  • Katie Hess, CPLTA - Treasury
  • Sheila Williams, CPLTA - Director of Education
  • Kathy Morris-White - Ethics & By-Laws
  • Kim Brooks - Membership
  • Lori Gaskill - Social Ways & Means
  • Joey King, CPLTA - NALTA Liaison
  • Kerry Hereden, CPLTA - CPLTA Liaison
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